L'Atlas | White Big Bang

L'Atlas | White Big Bang

540 CHF
Lithograph 2 colors, Paper BFK Rives 300g
77.5 x 77.5 cm
Edition of 55
Signed & numbered

This lithograph is a painting reproduction of gathering two strands of my work: Soil footprints and cryptograms.
I first made a ground footprint of my studio located in The Forge de Belleville, to capture the telluric energy of the place where my painting was born. Then I stretched out over a frame to realize one of my labyrinthine forms in reserve where you can read the Atlas word deformed around a square. Thus we can contemplate instinctual energy and gestural footprint through the rigor and wisdom geometry." L'Atlas

Geometry, rigor and purity. L’ATLAS delivers illusionist lettering with puns. With a contemptuous exactness, Jules Dodet masters with the lines and manages to pull his pseudonym through misguided optical skills. Under the methodical lines of a map, L’ATLAS draws and signs. Arabic calligraphy and graffiti get together to reveal his works’ singular mix that invades walls, floor, and canvases. The three dimensions give some labyrinth skills to his acronym. He harnesses the verticals like no one else in order to deliver some hidden but communicative messages. L’ATLAS does not mince his words but uses them in an infinite number of ways.