Inti | El Caudillo

Inti | El Caudillo

440 CHF
Giclee print, Paper Barite 320 g
82 x 57 cm
Edition of 100
Signed & numbered

"I’d like to highlight the syncretism which we are confronted in South America. It is about a mixture of influence between our original culture and those of the conquistadors of Spain. For the first one, the concept of death is integrating the life while the second the death represents only the end and the nothingness. In this work, the death's-head carries flowers while the alive character, meanwhile, is decorated with small death's-heads. We end up by not being able to discern the good side of the bad one." INTI

A true voice of Latin American Urban Art, Inti’s work fuses traditional art school training with contemporary cultural influences.  Born and raised in Chile, Inti was greatly inspired by the muralists and graffiti artists of Santiago in the 1990’s – a city that was and remains a haven for street artists.  Impacted by the power of urban art, Inti became committed to honing his own style as a local language.  A clever use of iconic elements, colors, patterns, and sometimes political messaging, Inti’s work not only enlivens city streets but also succeeds in delivering a message. Whether in collaboration with other artists or in individual pieces, in Chile or abroad, Inti has brought his Latin American roots to the streets of the world.