Bezt | Sleep Walker

Bezt | Sleep Walker

390 CHF
7 Color Lithograph, on Hand cut paper: BFK Rives 250g                    
71 x 46 cm
Edition of 200
Signed & numbered

Urban poetics, now this is a subject mastered to extreme perfection by Bezt, a Polish member of the team ETAM Cru. The staggering formats that Bezt deploys in solo or with his acolyte Sainer require technical prowess and professional equipment. An example of an urban art establishing itself as a legitimate institutionalized production. The monumental is his trademark. Often his characters of even crazier proportions buckle and curl up to squeeze into the space. His pictorial narrative mode of expression has unlimited and cultural references. Moonshine for Virginia, an old woman with a flowered head-scarf for Poland ... but always the same amazing attention to detail both with regard to his technique and in his vivid portrayal of expressions.